Spotlight Series:
Jeremy Paredes

Jeremy Paredes is a sophomore who specializes in filmmaking, editing, dirrecting, and other activities within the AVTF field. His interest in this field began growing in freshmen year, when he entered the JCHS AVTF program. He started watching promotional sports videos and was interested in persuing it further. He began making his own, and they quickly grew a following on social media. He now works with the AVTF program as an influential member of the JCNN team and continues to improve his craft.
What makes visual media powerful? 
What makes a photo or video powerful is the emotion one gets out of the reader. For example, I have made numerous documentaries showcasing student athlete’s lives and stories. One’s father passed away, another has a best friend leaving for college, etc. The emotion these videos portray to the audience is impossible to replicate with words.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration is probably my aunt. She is the person that helped me get into filmmaking. She started out small and worked her way up to producing big-name movies in New York and Los Angeles. I really look up to her, not just as a family member but as a filmmaker and producer.

What words you live by?
There is a saying "A photo can express a thousand words." I try my best to live up to this and to make my photos and films amazing. I want to be able to inspire others and speak to others through my work.