Spotlight Series: Madhu Ravi

Madhu Ravi is a high school senior who discovered her love of art through her childhood hobby of painting her nails. She was able to expand her hobby into a business that she runs from a social-media platform, where she experiments with new nail art techniques. An officer of Johns Creek's National Art Honors Society, Madhu has been involved in various school projects such as painting murals and hosting fashion shows, and her passion for graphic design found its way to Johns Creek's student-run newspaper, The Chariot, where she designs and creates several spreads per issue.  
Where do you draw your inspiration for your creations? 
As strange as it sounds, the TV show Spongebob really inspired me to develop my art style. I loved the highly stylized character design - although the animation was not "realism," the audience could still see who was a crab and who was a whale, and the exaggerated features of each character imbued them with personality. I think that many people think that they aren't good artists because they haven't mastered realism, but nobody thinks that Picasso was a bad artist. 

You are experienced in several different mediums, from photography to graphic design to nail art. Do you have a preference for any specific kind?
My nail art is most important to me because it allows me to express myself in a way that other forms of art don't. My nails change with my mood, my plans for the week, or my current favorite color. 
I recently got into graphic design, and have learned that there's a big difference between designing layouts on paper and designing them on screen. I love how satisfying it is to see your designs held in other people's hands.