Spotlight Series: Hyacinth Weng

Hyacinth Weng is a high school senior, who has always been an artist. She credits her mother for enrolling her in various art classes when she was very young, so she could develop her skill over many years. She mostly works in 2D and mixed media, and is experimenting with graphic design and traditional art forms. Her art can be found in the art gallery of the current issue. 
How much of yourself do you put into your artwork?
When I was just starting art, and up until early high school I thought art was just about the technique and aesthetics. I really didn’t put much of my self into my work(formal works at least). When I saw the artwork of my peers, and how they were able to talk about their own meanings and purposes in their pieces, I had this breakthrough. I changed studios and began to explore putting myself into my art. Nowadays, what I create is like a reflection on my perceptions and experiences. I put what I’ve seen about the world and what I want to share about me in my artwork. 
Do you define art or does art define you?
don’t think I can really say either one is entirely correct, for me at least.  To a degree, art does define my life. Because I do art, I (kind of) have this path to go down and certain activities I should participate in...all these actions are due to art being in my life and me trying to keep art in my life. But at the same time, art doesn’t define me entirely. I have other qualities about me besides the fact that I do art. And I don’t necessarily define art either. I do have the power to choose what things I do and don’t do in my pieces, and what kind of a role it plays in my life.

What show has the best art styles? 
I’m assuming you’re asking about animation, and that’s probably what I can talk about the knowledge is kind of limited to Japanese animations, Disney/Pixar and Steven Universe. I mean, there’s the classic Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki animations which are so nice and clean and beautiful. I really appreciate every single  movie they have made. They have the acclaimed “Spirited Away” which is beautiful, the backgrounds are gorgeous, character design is unique. For TV shows, Steven Universe is always distinctive, with very nice backgrounds and cool animations, but that’s a pretty biased statement as it’s basically the only American animated show I watch. I always prefer the frame animations over the 3D renders animations, but I can appreciate the way the big movie studios like Disney/Pixar use it to expand effects since they’re making movies.