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  1. Internalization
  2. Checkered Mates
    Checkered Mates
  3. Premonition In Transit
    Premonition In Transit
  4. Ascent, Descent
    Ascent, Descent
  5. Precarious Proposition
    Precarious Proposition
  6. Asymmetric Assortment
    Asymmetric Assortment
  7. Uncanny Opposition
    Uncanny Opposition
  8. Aqueous Staircase
    Aqueous Staircase
  9. Carnivorous Chartreuse
    Carnivorous Chartreuse
  10. Rustic Canopy
    Rustic Canopy
  11. Sweet Superstition
    Sweet Superstition
  12. Parisian Nights
    Parisian Nights