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7 deadly sins


  1. Intellectual Weapons
    Intellectual Weapons
    By Kayley Ulmer

0.         It was just for one night. The sins, having been slaves for centuries to the Gods, decided they would break free. The sorts of havoc they planned to wreak on the mortal world concealed unprecedented levels of calamity.

I.           Rage stormed into the room, dressed sloppily in violent shades of blacks and reds. He watched, looming in the corners, as the unsuspecting mortals stirred up an argument. What would have been a simple lover’s bout, had Rage not been drawn to that room, became a murder most foul. Without an ounce of self-control, Anger curled his fingers around the crown of his head. Rage hovered over the mortal, molding insidious thoughts into his brain. With a sadistic grin, Rage guided the man's hand as he committed an unforgivable crime, only to slip away just before his demons caught up to him.

II.          Envy harbored levels of negative energy strong enough to rival that of Rage. It came in the shape of a faceless entity, adorned in an elaborate, emerald cloak that blended into the shadows. Envy had chosen a less malicious path; its victims were not compelled to do a thing. Instead, the victims became so consumed with Envy’s energy that they can no longer distinguish between the two. As soon as Envy managed to catch their sights on an ambitious teenage girl, It skipped beside her in delight. The wait was not long; the girl, as predicted, had chosen to pursue her own selfish path at the first hint of a threat. Envy had watched from the shadows of the room as the girl won the fight under the guidance of infidelity.

III.        Greed, instead, chose to arrive on Earth in the form of an object: money itself. Its story arrived with the struggles of a young prince, long ago. The more the prince got his hands on Greed’s embodiment, the more he began to watch in silken robes and gold-carved jewelry as his subjects starved to death.

IV.         Sloth, came in the form of a simple bed. It trapped its victims not with elaborate schemes or careful waiting. Sloth waited for someone to fall asleep on its pillows and -true to its aftermath- merely forgot to wake them up again.

V.           Lust shaped a woman, dressed in an enticing red dress and smiling with sultry painted lips. The vice found her place amongst a sea of drunken men. Perhaps the most humanly of all the Sins, Lust reveled in the singe of fingertips against her shell. She entrances her victims until it's too late, then saunters off, her high heels now hanging from her fingers.

VI.          Pride presented itself in perhaps the most unsuspecting of ways: a mirror. It did not entrance or coax its victims into a trap; Vanity waited for someone to notice the shine of its reflection before it has their attention, then traps them inside the glass of their mirror.

VII.        Gluttony took its time to become the most unsuspecting of all the Vices. He masqueraded as a home-cooked meal and smelled of warmth. There had been no warning; the victims ate and ate until they could remember nothing else but to consume for eternity.