To 2016-2017
To Fall 2015
Seeing Red

By Brian Sui

  1. Untitled
    By Ashley Wu
Chipping off the residual shards
of a shattered mirror.

Each mottled with lateral streaks of vermilion, scarlet, crimson, sangria…

Inebriating colors. A subtle reminder of imminent demise.

Pitter Patter. Pitter Patter.

Trickling drops of glittering blood,

The red ink that he uses to produce his best compositions,

a phantasmagoric regurgitation of his finest hallucinations,

A forgotten faucet dripping… fading… abandoned

Drip Drop. Drip Drop.

He sways his head to the oscillating cadence, a metronome,
ticking to termination.

It’s unsettling, but the ends of his lips, nonetheless, unfurl into a broad rictus.
Chilling caricatures of Cheshire Cat materialize instantaneously

Spectral silence treads above.

For too long he’s been planting blind fears that have grown out of control.
Desperately praying for the drought of sanity to end tonight.

The last sound he ever heard
Was the resounding pang of an empty bottle
Shattering against the floor.

He lets blood spill across the creaking wood
And jovially watches the confluence of red rivers
Imagining his own body buoying up and down
In a larger body of his own.

At last, his sleepy eyes betray him
And the floor gives way.

It was the beverage of drunkards, they say.