Heading 3

To 2015 - 2016
There's Nothing Much Left Here

By Leila Mohammadizadeh

  1. Untitled
    By Ashlyn Payne
There’s nothing much left
here, plains and plains of
forgotten relics - past love
tossed eagerly aside for
new, better and pretty.

No, there’s nothing much left
but the howling cries, the sobs
not shared, unequal in emotion
and hopelessly fragile to the
point where whispers shatter.

No, there’s very little left here
but the tragic air of nostalgia,
feelings best left alone - if
only it were so easy.

Clinging, grasping - the grip
loosens ever so slightly
and knuckles whiten as
the last drop of life - of love
seeps out from this gentle

There’s nothing much left
here, and soon - so soon
will there be nothing, nothing
left at all but the faint echo
through a lover’s void.