To 2015 - 2016
To Fall 2015
Knife Blade Ballerina

By Ashley Wu

  1. Untitled
    By Dale Kerem, 12
There’s something to be said about dancers
A tree limb foot fashioned crudely into satin,
Pirouetting endlessly on glorified pedestals.
Their craft their love child of gritted teeth
Fluid veiny pulp beats only to spit music
And each jammed artery each slender bone
All activate the same central ideal
A vision of poignant beauty, of timeless elegance
She prances on knife blades of smeared toes
The painfully meshed tapestry of music and joints
Each swipe is intentional each jab at the stage
Her bones throb and over flood oozing notes
A cruel guttural snarl of a lifeline
Spinning uncontrollably a little jewelry box
The performance sweeps in like a cloud
Rouged curtains hide knobby trembling fingers
Toes dusting the ground into fine powder
The curtains lift, her hopes fall
To an audience of shuddering empty chairs
Yet she dances, she dances on
Ribbons of space tied to her starved ankles
Flirting with gravity and prevailing