To 2017-2018
Even Lovers Drown

By Daniela Hernandez

  1. Untitled
    By Maya Joseph
Sailors sang a half-remembered chantey,
describing beautiful monsters that lived under aquamarine waters,
luring men to their death with a pretty smile and lilting, allegretto cadences.

They were beauty personified with long locks of liquid gold,
that framed eyes deeper and darker than the sea.
They had a soul of silk and light, full of undiluted hope and warmth.
Their hearts were infinite and always growing, like the canvas above splattered with
twinkling diamonds.

Like diamonds, their hearts had hardened,
because what sailors didn’t know was that they faced the turbulent waters alone,
full of beasts and evil creatures, praying on the beautiful.

So, as the sailor fell overboard,
maddened with her ethereal voice,
the mermaid smiled and swam toward him.

She grabbed his hand and dragged him down to the depths of the blue sea.
But soon the sailor started to scream, clawing to go back to the surface.
Ignoring him, she swam faster and deeper, happiness sweeping her like a storm.
She couldn’t wait to show him what was now theirs.
For mermaids, always in horrible joy, forget that even lovers drown.