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The Six Feet Over-Under

By Xander Clark

  1. Masterpiece
    By Evelyn Egbert
I think I torture myself too much when I close my eyes and think
and dream of the path and ideal scenario when everything goes my way,
and I wake up to find that this story is not written in ink.

Can you blame someone for painting a picture in their head
with so few brushstrokes away from reality
that they could be painting it in real life instead?

I know I’ll always fall behind if I use my mind to set the pace
when I know I can surely go faster
if my heart took over in the race.

What is there to be done then? What do you do first?
Do you ignore the possibility of the pain
that you think will hurt the worst?

Have you ever even tried really
to put yourself out there in such a vulnerable spot,
where you’re on a bike with two flat tires trying to do a wheelie
in a crowded stadium instead of an empty parking lot?

I think it will seem harder less
to make the move that seems so hard
when you finally realize that life’s not chess,
and the ace up your sleeve is your winning card.

Wake up and think about not what you dreamt
but what you can do to see your dreams ahead of you,
and soon enough you’ll find yourself kempt
even if your dreams don’t come true.