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  1. Flying Fruits
    Flying Fruits
    By Daniela Hernandez
I live doused in the blue of a bright forgetting.
Each day is gunmetal grey pressed to the soles of my feet.
I gather souls into a thick bouquet
my life writhes in the space left behind
& I wake to slot myself into another’s story,
body unwinding like fresh papaya.

Seedless fruit pelt the windows & I spurn,
body frothing in a brilliant white as I watch the dye dissolve my clothes.
& water beads on my thumbs,  if only to sway in the silence before I am unmade.

Today, I slay my metaphorical dragons & walk home barefoot,
if only to know how sharp, how crisp the darkness can taste before sunrise.
I am slimming the fat of last year’s hope from my thighs,
so I might feast on a series of remnants.