Cocoa in the Courtyard
  The staff of The Pulse held Cocoa in the Courtyard on September 27, 2018. Staff and other students wrote and presented original pieces of poetry and prose. Members of the orchestra and other special guest singers and bands also performed to share their talent. The staff were able to present and express their creative works to fellow students and teachers. In order to fundraise for the publication, they sold homemade baked goods to students. Cocoa in the Courtyard gave the opportunity to staffers and other writers do more than just write, but present as well, and share their love of creative writing with their community. 
Contest 2019
Submit your photography to the Pulse's annual Photography contest. Winners will have their pieces hung outside the media center, and will be published in our future issue. Our theme this year is "unity." Congratulations to Enav Lalla for her winning entry (left)! Past winners are featured here. Have you seen any of them around the school? 
Rolling Update
February 21
The Pulse will issue its next update by February 21, so keep on the lookout for new short stories, poetry, artwork, and photography! In the meanwhile, submissions are always welcome and may appear in the next issue.