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           A Family by Daniela Hernandez
          Hollow  by Ansley Wiederholt
          The Lies He Told by Iman Khan
          Apparition by Rhonda Dalloul
          Transparently Opaque  by Maya Joseph
Creative Nonfiction
          Subway at Dawn by Avanti Tulpule
          Frida Kahlo by Daniela Hernandez
          Rolling Hills and Rice Fields by Grace Tran
Contest Winner
          Runway Children by Jessica Godfrey


          Peach Blossoms by Grace Tran (Haiku)
          She Brings Out the Light by Ansley Wiederholt (Sonnet)
            Cremation by Avanti Tulpule (Free Verse)
            Etched in Stone by Jack Rarer (Series of Couplets)
            Mountain Man by Jason Ling (Free Verse, Non-Staff)
            Thoughts on Inferno by Eleena Ghosh (Free Verse)
            Daybreak by Avanti Tulpule (Rhyme)
            Do Memories Forget? by Eleena Ghosh (Free Verse)
            A Ballad to and from Salvador Dalí   by Daniela Hernandez (Ballad)
Contest Winner 
           The Six Feet Over-Under by Alexander Clark