Vision And Mission Statement

"Creative work is not a selfish act or a bid for attention on the part of the actor. It's the gift to the world and every being on it. Don't cheat us of your contribution. Give us what you've got."
The Pulse is the Johns Creek High School Literary Magazine. We accept and publish student submissions of art, photography, short stories, and poetry. 
By sharing these creative submissions, we hope the artistic community of Johns Creek will continue to thrive. 
The Pulse creates a sense of pride and unity amongst the talented artists and writers at Johns Creek High School. Like the blood in our veins, art circulates through the world and every being on it. 

Editorial Policy

The Pulse Literary Magazine is a curricular literary magazine, run and managed by a student staff. 
Verbal and visual pieces are staff-selected for quality. Verbal pieces may be edited for grammar, while visual works may be cropped to fit the specifications of the magazine. 
Steven Pressfield
Selection Process

Each staff member reads the submitted content and evalutes the work based on the quality of the writing, the themes and their presentation, and stylistic elements.

As a group, the staff views and discusses art and photography submissions, evaluating them for technical skill, presentation of subject matter, and artistic concept.
Featured Work

Staff members nominate favored pieces and vote to determine the which ones show the most artisitc merit and are the best representations of our magazine.
Meet The Staff
  1. Audrey Hirshberg, 12
    Audrey Hirshberg, 12
    Audrey Hirshberg is a third-year staffer at The Pulse. She enjoys photography and writing satirical poetry.
  2. Mackenzie Oster, 12
    Mackenzie Oster, 12
    Mackenzie is a second-year staffer. She enjoys to write poetry and read novels.
  3. Maya Joseph, 11
    Maya Joseph, 11
    Maya Joseph is a second-year staff member who likes to eat fried food, read, and watch romance movies.
  4. Ashley Wu, 12
    Ashley Wu, 12
    Ashley is a writer, artist, and photographer trapped in the suburbs. She is a-third year lit mag staffer and editor.
  5. Kayley Ulmer, 12
    Kayley Ulmer, 12
    Kayley, a third-year staffer, mainly writes prose between juggling the struggles and triumphs in the life of an introverted dog person.
  6. Allison Rothrock, 12
    Allison Rothrock, 12
    Allison is a third-year staffer and editor. When she's not writing poetry, she enjoys a nice existential crisis to keep her going.
  7. Ansley Wiederholt, 11
    Ansley Wiederholt, 11
    Ansley is a second-year staffer who loves Tim Burton, giraffes, and sarcasm.
  8. Dodi Noguchi, 10
    Dodi Noguchi, 10
    First-year staffer who goes by Dodi. Loves music and writing, is always hungry, and is probably napping right now.
  9. Sophia Vaughan, 10
    Sophia Vaughan, 10
    Sophia is in 10th grade & this is her first year on staff. In her free time she cries about dogs & watches movies in the comfort of her bed.
  10. Katie Hutnick, 10
    Katie Hutnick, 10
    Katie is a first-year staffer with a love of poetry and photography. AKA the girl who wore pjs to Hoco and the self-proclaimed future dictator of the world.
  11. Hannah Brewer, 12
    Hannah Brewer, 12
    This is Hannah's third year on the Literary Magazine staff. She enjoys writing poems and taking photos.
  12. Janhavi Kulkarni, 9
    Janhavi Kulkarni, 9
    Janhavi is a first-year staffer. She loves reading science fiction and mystery and composing prose and photography.
  13. Daniela Hernandez, 11
    Daniela Hernandez, 11
    Daniela is a first-year staffer whose hobbies include occasional existential crises and mounting dread with occasional snack breaks in between.
  14. Mumtaz Ahmed, 10
    Mumtaz Ahmed, 10
    This is Mumtaz’s first year on staff. She is in tenth grade. She loves cats, Spider-Man, and Buzzfeed Unsolved.
  15. Jenna Rabin, 10
    Jenna Rabin, 10
    Jenna is a first-year staffer who loves to read YA fiction and fantasy and write poetry and fiction.
  16. Eleena Ghosh, 11
    Eleena Ghosh, 11
    Eleena is a first-year staffer who enjoys elephants and poetry.
  17. Avanti Tulpule, 11
    Avanti Tulpule, 11
    Avanti is a first year staffer who likes to write poetry at two in the morning. When she isn't inside, she's outside.