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Blissful Life

By Hannah Brewer

  1. Untitled
    By Brittany Ahn
 And you know you’re something special
When you step out into the brisk air and it seems to welcome you,
When others are shivering yet you feel refreshed.
It is the moments we cannot describe, yet are understood
And how the trees whisper their secrets to you through the rustling branches.
The moment an ocean wave tickles your toes and creates a sensation like none other
And you let your feet sink deeper into the sand with each passing splash
Sometimes you can almost hear the sun sizzle
As you allow its warmth to sink into your body
And it is moments like these when a simple truth is realized.
That we all belong in a part of something much greater than ourselves.
A truth we cannot fathom, yet it surrounds us
It welcomes, and seems to recognize you wherever you may end up,
And oh, how it cheers for your successes
And hopes endlessly for you to enjoy everything it has to offer.