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Jenny on the River Of Styx

By Kayley ulmer

  1. Untitled
    By Maya Hernandez
Beside the river of death your past lovers breathe, 
Exhaling with the sorrow of such young tragedy. 
The lovers inhale bitterness and solemn regrets at your gravesite and beg for your forgiveness. 
As you choke upon the silver Danake between your bluish lips, 
Charon himself banishes the lovers 
 From the River Styx 
Condemning mourning souls to a century of grief. 
But you float on along the current 
Disjointed from the mortal world  
Free finally from your father, 
Free of both his Dr. Jekyll and his Mr. Hyde,  
Free from your brother and his unpredictability  
No longer ashamed of him, 
Not ashamed of your embarrassment  
Free from your mother, and her need to control 
Escaped her arms in exchange for eternity 
There is you: 
Trapped by your love, 
Bound by the chains of family and eternal love 
Kidnapped by death’s premature knock. 
Beside the river of death you rejoice in the knowledge that you have all of eternity to protect your sister 
For you know she can finally breathe again 
And when she does, 
You pray 
She inhales only soft nostalgia