To 2017-2018
Requiem of a Summer Solstice

By Audrey Hirshberg

  1. Autumn Stunner
    Autumn Stunner
    By Jessica Godfrey
 I remember those nights
right before the dog days of summer,
when the sun began to melt into the pavement
closer and closer to the witching hour,
when fireflies and lightning bugs
started to emerge at dusk,
when hands became sticky
with the blood of deceased popsicles,
liquefied too soon before their time.
Skinned knees and scraped elbows abounded,
grass stains and red dirt soiled our best clothes,
but we felt closer to the earth,
the season bringing us amongst the wild things
that reveled in the freedom of the open air.
A call at dusk was never enough
to reign us in to supper,
and we roamed until the gnawing hunger in our stomachs
gave us no other option.
Tucked into bed after we feasted,
our bellies full,
we stared out the window
and craved the respite of the morning,
when we could do it all over again.