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greek statues

By ashley wu

  1. Weeping Stone
    Weeping Stone
    By Ashley Wu
I am trying to tell you I love you without words. 
This is how: 
One finger in the divot of your spine, 
Two eyelashes drawn in your collarbone, 
One jutting crystal of an arm 
Wrapped around your oblong shoulder 
A symphony to be told in body, 
Superfluous and encaustic in wax 
A friend once told me those archaic statues 
Were the bodies of the beautiful and damned 
Dipped neatly in solution for preservation. 
I look at the fibbing fingernails 
The veins stretching from one end to the other 
And find it impossible to believe anything else 
These bodies, stolen histories 
Like placeholders of ghosts 
These bodies, once loved or obsessed over, 
Searching eternally for a name.