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The Hunt at 128

By Jenna Rabin 

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    By Mackenzie Oster
I am not able to control my trembling hands as I am let into a room by one of the security guards. I can feel my pounding heartbeat, but there is nothing that will calm my nerves. The door slides open after the key card is swiped, and some immediate chill passes through my body.

I shouldn’t be scared. This is my sister. Even though I haven’t seen her in two years, I feel like when I truly see her face, it will seem like I saw her yesterday. I just hope she recognizes me, because there may be a slight chance that she doesn’t.

I follow the security guard, who doesn’t say a word, through a pale white hallway with doors lining the left side, none of them with my sister’s name on it. Each of them is tightly bolted to the wall, preventing an escape. I try to keep my gaze on the back of the man’s uniform, but when I hear a scream coming from one of the rooms, I stop in my tracks. The man in front of me notices that I am stopped, so he grabs my arm forcefully and attempts to drag me forward. As he is unlocking the gate at the end of the hall, I hear a howl come from the same room.

My eyes widen, and I try to block it out, but it’s impossible. Once I hear the click of the gate, I rush forward into another hall identical to the last. This time, though, the first door with the number 128 has my sister’s name on it. I completely forget what happened in the previous hall and wait anxiously and nervously for the guard to open the door.

Before the guard reaches to unlock the door, he makes eye contact with me. “Are you aware of the rules and regulations you must follow inside the patient’s room?”

“Yes, sir” I say. My anger bubbles a little after I hear him call my sister a patient. I take a couple deep breaths because I know she can feel elevated emotions, and that would not be good if she does. I hear the door click open, and I peek my head in.

In the back corner of the miniscule room, lies my younger sister. I rush over to her when she calls my name. I almost trip over my own feet on my way over. When I reach her, I gather her in my arms, and she puts her arms around me. When we pull apart, I search her eyes to make sure they haven’t changed color. Thankfully, they haven’t.

Her big brown eyes have a clear sheen of tears covering them, and she whimpers, “I didn’t know you were coming here.” I move my hands and tuck a piece of hair behind her ear.

“Of course, I came. How are you? Are these people treating you like…?” I trail off, not wanting to say the word animal because it is one of her trigger words.

She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, knowing what unspoken word ends that sentence. “No, but this isn’t home,” she whispers, her voice deep and scratchy. She raises her head, her mouth open.

“Are you here to take me home?” she asks hopefully. I knew that question was coming. She was taken away from us two years ago because of what happened to her. This place is supposed to teach her control, and the staff told us she can go home once she has mastered her control, but evidently, she has not.

I shake my head sadly. “No, I am so sorry.”

Surprisingly, she pushes me away and goes to the opposite corner of the room, and I can see her body shaking from here. I can see her back move up and down as she takes deep breaths. Oh dear, this isn’t happening. She is not changing, not that easily. I didn’t think that would have that much of an effect on her, but apparently, I was wrong.

I stand up slowly and quietly make my way over to her. I cautiously put my hand on the destroyed clothes on my sister’s back, but right when my hand makes contact, she snaps her head to look at me.

Her eyes are glowing yellow. I gasp and stagger back, not knowing what to do. My sister rises to her feet and she her animalistic eyes meet mine. I look to the door to find the security guard, but he is not there. Where did he go? What do I do?

My sister, unable to control herself, takes steps towards me, her teeth visibly growing into that of a wolf. All I know is that once her eyes have changed color and her teeth have formed is when they are completely gone, overtaken by the vicious creature that lives inside them. I back up towards the door, my legs shaking.

I put my hand on the door knob and twist, but it doesn’t open. My heart beats faster, and I’m sure wit my sister’s advanced senses that she can hear it. She is getting even closer, her beautiful, long brown hair contrasting her dangerous face. I jiggle the door knob again, but still nothing happens.

I begin to knock on the door, my fear level rising, and before I know it, I’m banging on it. I look back at my sister, and she is only a couple footsteps away from me.

“Run,” she says, a deceptive sneer forming with her lips. “Run for your life… because I’m going to chase after you.”

I can’t control my breathing. She is my sister, she won’t hurt me, right? I can’t hold her to that, because this isn’t her, so when the door bursts open, I run when I hear her loud growl. I run for my life.

When I hit the gate at the end of her hallway, my hands are shaking as they yank open the gate, and right as I step through, everything turns black… and I open my eyes.

I am sitting on my bed and the clock reads 1:28 AM.