To Current Issue

By Maya Joseph

  1. Untitled
    By Daniela Hernandez
Being with her was like swallowing mouthfuls of sprinkles by the can 
An insistent sweetness that felt intolerably sticky afterwards 
Peeling apart at your residue-covered fingers, cutting your nails, and smacking your sugared lips 
Running tap water for far too long, scrubbing at skin that wouldn’t let up 
It was bad, and yet, I kept coming for more 
The copious amount of whipped cream, the cherry on top 
The doctor’s notes kept piling up 
The sore in my mouth, aching with pain 
Being with her wasn’t keeping me sane 
My tongue slid over the metal in my mouth, and my eyes fluttered shut; 
                                   As I remembered my addiction to a sweetness that could never be tamed