To 2017-2018
Law of Disorder

By Ashley Wu

  1. Untitled
    By Sophia Vaughan
My street after the rain is red and soft to the touch
And dotted with airplane porthole paraphernalia
Each boxy home, mimosa, velvet drop looms still
Slumped into the sepia gloom of eternal peace
The last reverie of rain suspended in mid-air
And I, the shredded soldier of temperance
Return home, a film-dusted nostalgic pathway
Only to find the world shatteringly still
A palpable sheet of paper, the eye of the storm
But unfortunately, it cannot always be so.
My street after the rain is a cherry red matchbox
And if I close my eyes I can imagine all the petals
Immaculately licked up by glacial strands of flame
A raging inferno of harsh smoke and fine tendrils
The stillness perturbed by the law of disorder
The buccaneering madness of the second before chaos
Lingers like the delirious sweat-scented odor of war
And yet already, the seam of perfection
Is a girl trembling slightly on the brink of a cliff
And one by one, the flowers on my street resume wilting.