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Do Memories Forget?

By Eleena Ghosh

  1. Jagged Shore
    Jagged Shore
    By Grace Tran

the lake is a blank open mouth.
she’s a swallowing thing, a hungering thing,
dragging the frogs down to the pit of her.

it’s autumn & the trees are all dying — red maple, yellow oak,
flamed sparking in the deep forest.

some memories, we bury shallow & aching
like seeds, not knowing if they will grow,
not knowing if they will be soft or thorn.

when did happy become a peach pit rubbed to hollowness against concrete?
slowly, slowly, whisper the trees.
they know what it is to be wind-carried
and lost, to land in unfamiliar soil
and winter-sleep.  
slowly, they say in voices like
running water and leaf-green sun.

soon enough, the ice above is cracking again.
they reach their branches just a little higher,
stretch their roots just a little deeper.
this is grace: thorn-scratched heart opening like magnolia blooms to the light.