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By Daniela Hernandez

  1. Colossal Colosseum
    Colossal Colosseum
    By Janhavi Kulkarni
Boys with haloes of moonlight,
war-scarred hands and dirt-lodged fingernails.
Specters from another realm,
monarch in his own world, outlined in gold and pearls.
Their mouths, stuffed with diamonds, dribble liquid sapphire.
Silver twilight and poisonous darts sinking in flesh and sticking to bone,
howling like moon-drunk monsters,
stitching themselves from bone marrow and dust.
They fix a violated world,
walking tenderly like other creatures do.
Their steps trail a path of wildflowers because others ravaged,
greedily took and gulped down riches.
Plague-spreaders under a new name: heroes.
They echo biblical plagues while whispering words of progress.
The boys are told to slow down,
Rome wasn’t built in a day.
But it burned down in one.