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Dull Minds

By Hannah Brewer

  1. Untitled
    By Sophia Haynes
He could feel the thin sheet of ice crunching beneath his feet with each step he took,  
Yet his eyes never felt the urge to flicker downwards as he confidently maneuvered.  
The ice made him comfortable, making his way across the frozen concrete was of second nature to him,  
And he watched with curious, critical eyes those who fumbled with each step.  
He noticed women gripping their purses tighter as they slipped,  
Almost as if it would help them regain their balance.  
He thought the idea was amusing,  
Yet he eventually came to the conclusion that everyone had their own weird ways of rebalancing themselves.  
As for himself, he often rubbed his eyes until they burned.  
When the sight of others staring upon him became uncomfortable, 
Or when he felt like he needed to retaliate the pressure that the world cast upon his brain,  
He rubbed.  
Maybe he hoped that after he came out of that tiny little fireworks display which erupted when he rubbed hard enough,  
Things would appear differently.  
Maybe the judgmental eyes of others, undeniably similar to his own,  
Wouldn’t be staring at him quite so intently anymore.  
He hoped that maybe they would change color, or shape,  
Or anything to dull them out.  
So that they resembled the clear, thin sheet of ice, which he had become so accustomed to understanding.