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prayer in a bottle

By avanti tulpule

  1. Granulated Ocean
    Granulated Ocean
    By Iman Khan
kiss the curved edge
like your own name & swallow the exhale
only an opening with a one-way end. 
there's a story you haven't written yet, 
gaping like a wound 
in the distance, a cigarette-burn sun.
wet springs sticky-slow 
still budding in the dregs 
of the middling, dwindling dawn.
less girl than gristle, less prayer than 
bedraggled butterfly beating 
a thud-thumping heartbeat on the roads. 
an answer throbbing in your jaw: surrender. 
there's always the shotgun 
of truth hanging above your head; 
the 3-foot salmon 
you caught with your bare hands, 
its pale eyes like two moons, nailed to the wall. 

there's a story you haven't written yet, 
of the hunger that drove you into the slate gray waters, 
of the dead-headed relief of wrenching life out of a body. 
swallow the shotgun & the question will tear you in two.