To Current Issue

By Avanti Tulpule

  1. Sonder
    By Olivia Lee
o heart;
you wild & feathered aching thing –
a creature of the labyrinth moors,
bloodied blade of the blackbird’s wing.

shrouded in linen, the woman in white
wades through starlit water
jawbone gleaming, coal eyes bright.

& heart, unsung martyr
burning at my pyre,
i have choked you in cotton,
cut my hands with black wire.

dreams breathe like monsters,
i smell their fur in the rain.
i am not languid water cupped in two palms,
but river, relentless, pursuing this mouth in vain.

& heart, i, too, become a creature
guided by your lantern-light,
shipwrecked on the shores of starlit waters,
next night after night.

i am haunted by the ghost of a misted-over dream
of grasping the moon between my fingers,
unspooling her heart by its seams.