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Fountain of youth

By Jenna rabin

  1. Details of a Rose
    Details of a Rose
    By: Rehna Sheth
She willingly falls into a graceful slumber supported by a massless cloud,
Knowing that the fountain of youth awaits her within the garden of dewy grass,
The garden of her dreams, in a literal dream, where her brittle fingers become anew.

Each rough patch of discolored skin and every wrinkle runs away to reality,
Creating youthful skin, smooth as a linen sheet after drying on a clothesline.
She stands in the dewy grass, surrounded by abstract figments of her imagination.

Bitter flowers stand as tall as statues, spewing toxic lemons at her reversing features,
Knowing reality is only a blink away, but her topaz eyes crystal by each passing second.
Each step closer to the fountain of liquid youth is marked by each sleeping breath.

Her nightgown falls away, and is quickly replaced by a drape of satin petals.
Jewels of silver and gold rest on the base of her neck, sparkling in the midnight sun,
But suffering in the shine because that isn’t where they were meant to be.

After every step covers her bare, wrinkle-free feet with damp swords of grass,
She notices her voyage is like a treadmill: covering distance but never advancing,
Not even like the slow turtle in the race against the rabbit, where slow and steady wins the race.

In this case, she shall never change, as she is being pulled out of her slumber, the cloud falling away,
The satin petal dress disintegrates into breathable dust, jewelry burning in the sun’s heat.
The bitter flowers succeeding with their toxic lemons, and everything drips away into the fountain.
The fountain of youth is just another abstract figment of her imagination.