1. Star for You
    Star for You
    By Brittany Ahn
“If you don’t have time to do it right 
You must have time to do it over”- 
This was gospel since our days of youth. 
Seventeen words on repeat. 
Shortcuts were frowned upon 
And timesavers abhorred. 
If corners were cut then 
Doorways were shut- 
We were only hurting ourselves 
With laziness and sloth. 
But history has shown 
That after the days 
Of blind obedience in our naive youth, 
We learn to cut corners. 
A little here, a little there 
And the public is none the wiser. 
As our idyllic view of a staunch work ethic 
Is taken for the birds, 
We adapt ourselves to the realism 
Of contemporary life, 
Because it takes time to learn 
That the world was built 
On cutting corners.