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Moths Under a Streetlight

By Allison Rothrock

  1. Untitled
    By Sarah Langford
The Streetlight hummed
Its indecipherable cause,
Open-faced as a harlot,
As God’s unwavering eye;

Certain tubercular drags,
In ash and powder corpse
Crossed its yellow face
Like shadows of a fancy;

The moths came, invariably,
To the barbaric, bladed
White --
Ugly, eager pupil;

A thin plasticine heavens, crossed,
Obscured the hollow forebearers’
Eggshell remains, cradled in the
Burgeoning swell of its belly;

The baroque feathered bodies
Fancy a vanishing halo,
Of hard, irrevocable light;
Wings soft as sin,

Rising in prayer --
Touch steepled, divine --
And fall,
Like Lucifer from the heavens