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Candy Man

By Brain Sui

  1. Untitled
    By Ashley Wu
My head, an oversized jawbreaker, is

Injected with your saccharine compliments
saturated like artificial sugar,

Spittled with your rainbow freckles
I used to kiss late into those distant summer nights.

Cavorting in your licorice veins

that pulse from an absent source… an absent heart,

I begin to search.

To rummage the colossal heaps of wrinkled wrappers strewn across the bedroom floor.

To decrypt the chocolate smears you left on my white walls, brown stains of an unfinished mural.

To find your festering heart,
an expired Valentine’s Day lollipop
Obviously misplaced in the Halloween candy bowl

The more I search, the more I lose you.
And then one day, you leave.

Even though you are gone,

You still sit stiffly on the back of my swollen tongue

Like the bland bubblegum that has lost all of its flavor, reduced to sparse traces of granular Crest toothpaste,

Its texture, as tough as reinforced heartstrings, erode the translucent enamel
That once concealed the rotting cavities of our forgotten love, its fragments lost in an abysmal pit of black

But I continue to chew, wishing… longing… savoring… holding on

To whatever remnants I can scavenge…

Before the memories fade and dissipate
Into another inconceivable cotton candy cloud

Chugging away into liquidated skies.

I sit on the curb and out of mere necessity,

I puke.



A candy-induced stomachache?

I can no longer tell the difference.