To 2017-2018
Growing Pains

By Katie Hutnick

  1. Untitled
    By Ashley Wu
​ I am bruised
Bruises are blue // the sky is blue // my favorite coffee mug is also blue
Bruises are purple// purple is soft // purple is the color of twilight
Bruises hurt // beauty is pain // I am hurt // I am still beautiful

I am cracked
Flowers can grow in cracks in the sidewalk // life will go on
The temples of gods have cracked many times // they are worshiped all the same
A diamond with cracks is still a diamond // i am not worth any less with these wounds

I am broken
Bones break // bones heal
Hearts break // hearts heal
I break // I heal

I am scared
scars are proof of healing // scars can even fade
I have scars // I have healed // this pain will fade away