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  1. Weeping Sky
    Weeping Sky
    By Eleena Ghosh
a tender thought,
reminiscing the times when my mother would stand in our tiny kitchen,
nimble hands;
scrubbing at the oiled down residue
the muted clatter of pots and pans,
the old sink sputtering water and
eyeglasses misty, just like the steam from the kettle whistling
in that stilled moment,
it resembled my childhood—
perspired steam,
a cloud of condensation, floating
and disappearing in an instance, too

the sound of the old radio’s stutter and static,
my younger sibling messing up the dials with his always grabbing,
always itching hands,
the wind rushed in through the half-open creaking window, unsettling everything in the room.
goosebumps have never felt so painful before as
the sunlight spilled onto me, and my mother’s smile bloomed at my wrinkling face.
my eyes unfocused, my senses going into overdrive as her cool fingertips pressed against my swelling cheek.

a soft thud of a plate interrupted my faltering thoughts, as it slid towards me.
i took a bite of her food
but i felt like it was swallowing me.
the lingering soft mutters of domesticity burdened me constantly,
like the abiding moments i wish i focused on.