To 2015 - 2016
To Fall 2015

By Dale Kerem

  1. Untitled
    By Sherry Luo, 12
There’s something about sitting next to you on a crowded train,
The fingers of my right hand slowly entangling with those on your left,
That feels like the perfect form of syzygy.
We are more juxtaposed than the sun and the moon could ever hope to be
Because there are countless suns but you are unique
To the way our yellow dwarf makes your eyes glow,
To the way you seem to light up every room you set foot into.
And there are at least 146 moons in our solar system alone, but not one of them
Has anything on the way I feel when I’m around you, like I’m trapped
In your orbit and you’re the only thing that makes me feel seen.
And although I’m not a star like you, together we still form
A near perfect constellation.
Perfect by our own standards, at least,
For constellations are one of the most human things out there.
We played a celestial game of connect-the-dots and in it
Found each other. Found order in something so vast, so infinite.
Attached our own stories to balls of twinkling gas,
And sent them far, far way.
So that even when the stars die,
When we die with them,
Our stories will live on for light years to come,
And I hope that this one, of us sitting quietly on
A crowded train,
With your hand tightly gripping mine,
Is one that colors the sky forever.