To 2016-2017
Language of thoughts

By Hannah Brewer

  1. Untitled
    By Brittany Ahn
She lived in a world where goodbyes were hard to come by and each moment

was hard to forget,

Where everything indescribable somehow made sense,

And the most beautiful thing about it all was how her mind seemed to control

the world for her.

Each triumph released a symphony of dazzling music in her brain,

And every chaos was transformed into everlasting, promising branches of


Twisting and wrapping themselves throughout her thoughts

So everything became beautiful.

She danced upon the clouds millions of feet high when she discovered how to

feel alive

And her sorrows were carried away with the wind,

For it whispered secrets of the earth to her.

Each word in the dictionary has a feeling,

Yet many feelings do not have words.

And within the bustling chaos in her mind she was able to understand

The things and feelings that words cannot describe. For it was in her

language of thoughts

Where she prospered, and passion was abundant throughout her body.

The world was her playground, where trees swayed at her presence

And the stars shone brighter in the night sky, in hopes that they too were