To 2016-2017
A Tear In Many Forms

By Mackenzie Oster

  1. Untitled
    By Mackenzie Oster
The smoke rises along with the flame
I sit watching as the memories stream back to me
As a river breaks its block
In rush and flood
My mind so full of overcoming thought
Yet so empty of sanity
The smoke vanishes
I sit longing for relief
As the water spills from my ears
Noise of nothingness is all I hear
Is silence still sound?
I ask myself, but the question is lost
Among so many other- one million thoughts
The fire has me flayed
I cannot move no matter the cost
I long for the rushing waters
To ease my exposition
Just one drop of comfort from the past
The cure of simplicity that did not last
For the water turns to ash
Proceeding to mourn
A tear in many forms