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By Avanti Tulpule

  1. Untitled
    By Sophia Haynes
open/close. enmeshed in an asymptotic universe &  
tangled in the arms of our impenetrable galaxy.  
& i inhale/exhale.  
& i soak in sunlight that has traveled years to get here.  

the universe shudders and exhales life, 
crumbling buildings clamber over each other  
& into the clouds as earth gnaws at the edges of the horizon.  

i read somewhere how we are all connected 
through chemical bonds & phases of matter. 
the salt in my tears  
& the salt in the sea.  
equilibrium straddling the rubbery gray water, 
i dream/live. that i can breathe without forcing my lungs to swell/release. 

that i can numb myself into forgetting this infinite nothingness we are suspended within 
& destined to fossilize