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The World's Feast

By Grace Tran

  1. Fire Fruit
    Fire Fruit
    By Eleena Ghosh
He tells her to eat,
So she feasts
She pours honey scorched sands down her throat
The grains trickle
By thousands
Heat floods her lungs
She gasps for air

He tells her to eat,
So she devours
Flies, Beetles, Butterflies
Scurrying down her throat
Scratching her gums
They bleed her
Honey dribbles from her lips
The flies follow

He tells her to eat
So she concedes
She swallows the earth
Mountains impact her throat
Rivers perforate her insides
Wholes making holes
She cannot eat

Her gut is a crucible
Honey braised critters swelter and stew
Butterflies pierce her stomach
Scalding acid crawls up her esophagus
Internal power struggles and mental turmoil
Her fortress putrefies;
Its guards abandon their post
She welcomed a war, but now she regrets it all