To 2017-2018

By Daniela Hernandez

  1. Nobody
    By Allison Rothrock
The clock is ticking. But time is at a standstill.

Two siblings sit down on the porch. The rain soaks them to the bone as they stare at the phone. Moments earlier, the phone had been sleek and modern, but now the screen had shattered to a thousand pieces… much like them.

Cal had thrown the phone earlier, rendering it useless. All the while little Eloise grasped the words their mother had sent.

                                            I’m sorry, love. He’s gone.

So now, they sat there, alone and shivering. Cal’s and Eloise’s eyes are bereft of tears. Seemingly, the sky is weeping on behalf of them both. Eloise can tell her big brother, her hero, the one who took her to the carnival without fail every year and taught her how to ride a bike, is falling apart.

For a girl her age, Eloise is strangely level-headed and calm. She supposes she has to be the strong one now.

For the very first time, Cal lets himself sink against his little sister. He hits rock bottom with excruciating force – like a meteor that has crashed on Earth. Everyone thinks of the damage it has caused and the devastation it brought, but nobody cares about the meteor. Does anybody know that the meteor is splintered just as badly as everything else?

“You still have me,” whispers Eloise. She doesn’t say she is sorry, or that everything will be okay. She knows those are just lies you feed to a little boy. “You will always.”

The clock is ticking. And time moves on.