To 2015 - 2016

By Shva star

  1. Untitled
    By Ashley Zhang
I see and try to look past the pain,
but it falls in shadows of fog like rain.
Everywhere it engulfs my consciousness,
so deeper I fall into the recess...abyss.
I look down not but only above,
I hear the calming coo of the midnight dove.
I listen and wait the air still and warm,
I wait patiently for the summer to form,
I count the hours, the days the weeks,
my memories they linger, they stay, they weep.
All the time I continue to look ahead,
expecting the sun but getting the moon instead,
the glowing light,
the still dark night,
I am always reminded of my delicate plight.
in the recess I sit and wonder,
is escape a possibility in all this blunder.
Then I look into the night sky,
and I am reminded like the sun, the moon is raised high.
The iridescent light cast smiles on my face,
for I know the next morn, the sun will take its place.​​