To 2015 - 2016
Another's Eyes

By Shva star

  1. Eye See You
    Eye See You
    By Ashley Wu, 10
   I look into the eyes of another soul,
I see their heavy burden, the harshness of life’s toll,
Ignorant they scream and shout,
Without understanding their perception is stout,
They scrape and they toil,
But never get the wealth from the oil,
Humanity and pride are things they hold dear,
Yet they contain no qualities and scatter in fear,
Afraid to help each other, even more to help themselves,
Like Christ they uphold piety and are eternally humble,
Yet when fortune is bestowed, with frustration they stumble,
Conceit and deceit jealousy and lies,
A culture long dead a people that cry,
They yell and scream but heard they never are,
Silent, quiet but always there. My soul forever forgets their heavy stare,
They cry in violence they suffer in troves,
Ignored they are, like the Jews in the stove,
Help always comes to the forgotten people too late,
Victory from others, they could never take,
All alone they forever are,
Until they are brainwashed, feathered and tarred,
Till a people are scared with no recollection left,
Only the scars that extend farther than the ocean’s depth,
A shame that is felt through generations more,
An aching painful eternal sore,
A cancer and infection a fatal attack,
The people could never stand up and amass,
They are separated and beaten with words of hate,
False descriptions and traditions others take,
First the land and the people and then the soul,
When will they realize its true toll?
Then after the people the sacred ground,
And then we are all lost, never to be found.