To Current Issue

By Daniela Hernandez

  1. Untitled
    By Maya Joseph
It’s forgotten beauty in places where empires thought they would last an eternity and a half. 

It’s writing a love letter in a place where romance is nothing but seven letters and two syllables. 

It’s lively songs and a boy asking a girl if he could have her dance a measure or two. 

It’s secret lovers holding each other in the shadows. Flitting kisses and raucous laughter. 

Selene in her silver dress that moves like the crash of ocean waves against the rocky shore. Her 
translucent skin that glows from within like neon lights. Unnamed galaxies drape from her ebony 
hair and stardust is scattered around her godly face like freckles. She was poetry where many 
saw only letters as the light touched down and blanketed everything under a spell of wonder and 

Under her veil, the world’s edges became softer and ugly truths were hidden underneath a cover 
of inky darkness. Children basking in pearl-colored light, wondering if they swung high enough, 
maybe they would be able to reach the stars. 

But as day comes, the forgotten beauty becomes nothing more than toxic ivy and rotting weeds. 
The love letter burns in the fireplace, and the lovers break embrace, going their separate ways 
despite their acid-like tears. The children forget of the stars for Apollo plows them with his 
golden chariot, revealing a sky dappled with all the colors of beauty. Violet, orange, gold, and 
azure. The colors Selene isn’t. The moon fights and loses against the beloved god of glittering 
light, her nails breaking, revealing only black liquid, as she struggles to hold onto the dying 
embers of her burnt dress and her fading jewels mortals call stars. 

Soon the sun is high above and the sky is coated blue, but beneath it all, there lies dear Selene 
waiting for her time. The time of shy beauty and soft songs. The time of dreams and hidden love. 
The time of moonlight.