To Current Issue

By Rhonda Dalloul

  1. Girl in White
    Girl in White
    By Maya Joseph
          The way I remember it, my curtains were closed, windows locked. I remember how it  was a foggy night, dense with lost dreams, but loose with old memories. I remember how the clouds split, pausing the pouring rain, to reveal her shadow. I remember how she looked at me, the first time she visited.

          Her eyes were emeralds, with deep pools of nothingness inside. I thought I was inside my house, on the second floor, when really I was swimming in pits of ink, getting lost in her gaze. Her dark fur coated her body in soft petals, a fantastic beast in every light. She passed through lamp posts, and floated up walls. She struck me at random points in my life, and I could do nothing to contain her.

          She would sit on my couch, on my bed, on my mind, taking over anything she wanted, as if it were hers. In a way, it was. The way the world would move around her used to make me think she was magic. It wasn’t. It was the way that she pushed her ears back and bent her hind legs. The way her elbows loaded her body onto them, ready to release like a spring. The way she walked, with her hips swaying and tail hovering, that made the world collapse at her will.

          However, it was how she looked when she sat down that compelled me to let her stay, and finally, let her in.
          With her legs wound up under her, and her head bowed down, showing off her petite nose, she wouldn’t need to ghost through my walls.

          Eventually, my curtains would open, and my windows would unlock. The clouds would raise into the sky, dense with hope, but loose with possibilities. The sun would peek up from the horizon, and come out to play. And I would remember how she looked at me, the last time she visited.