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Paintings of the Soul

By Iman Khan

  1. The Masterpiece of Life
    The Masterpiece of Life
    By Daniela Hernandez
People are the paintings of the soul,
The heart of feelings.
The image of the mind.
We are thrown into a world
Given nothing but a pallet and brush, left to fend for ourselves.
How easily one can stain our canvas,
Already fraying at the edges,
Which are waterlogged with the drying works of others.
Painting after painting after painting,
Splattering our life onto others.
The vicious brushstrokes blend in with the gentle sweeps,
Smearing into one.
How people wish for a new canvas, begging to start anew,
Innocent once more,
Free of the suffering that has stained their soul.
Free of the stains that filled their canvas.
They fail to realize that every painting is a work of art,
That can be valued and appreciated for what it is.
They fail to realize that the suffering is what makes it
Truly beautiful