To 2016-2017


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    By Dharma Hufnagel
The first sister is sitting with her legs crossed on the floor. Her fingers trace lazily along the tops of the scarlet strings. The loops swirl in and out of the crevices of her fingers and her sister's outstretched grasp. Their calm expressions mirror children playing an innocent game of Cat’s Cradle.

As time trickles by, the string falls short from between the two sister’s hands.

The third sister paces up and down the lengths of the strings, waiting. She hums quietly to herself, stroking the shears tucked securely in her dress pockets.

When time has, once again, run out, she clips the strings with a dignified smirk.
The three share a glance as the string breaks off and a life ends with it.

The first sister stands up from her position on the ground and fetches the next string.