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Mother Nature

By: Audrey Hirshberg

  1. Hedonic Liquid
    Hedonic Liquid
    By Ashley Wu
She weeps.

The precipitation falls from a furrowed brow of cottony air

In the heavens onto the earth below.

Onto the oil-polluted oceans,

The starving children dying as they clutch their swollen bellies,

The hogs being fattened in the fields

Only to be led to slaughter.

She wishes.

To strike out, to make them see the error of their ways.

But what is left to be inflicted?

They have faced it all- catastrophic disasters of unmatched proportions,

Ruinous diseases that killed by the millions,

Tragic droughts and barren harvests,

And somehow they persevere each and every time…

Like any army of cockroaches living weeks without their heads.

They continue to function, going about their daily lives,

Unbeknownst that the source of their livelihood

Is disintegrating more and more each day

Underneath the feet with which they tread on it.

Reaping the untold riches of her resources,

All the while ripping through her reserves,

The wealth which she has so struggled to provide

To serve the many that take residence upon her fertile earth…

Gone in the blink of an eye.

She realizes.

Her possessions will never satiate their growing thirst.

The maximum that she could give

Would only be acquired earlier, absorbed faster,

Utilized more and more unnecessarily.

Maybe it was better that she had guarded her bounty,

Kept her most valuable hand close to her chest.

Her liquids locked belowground and in glaciers,

Her riches of gems and energy located beneath miles of thick sediment.

She saw now their unrelenting nature,

The ceaseless hunger in their eyes to show themselves

That they could dominate her and each other…

And maybe they had.

All she could do was sit back and witness

The effect they had on that which she had laid before them.

And hope they understood-

Her precipitation was not a further gift to be used at their leisure,

A source of fresh water to be cleaned, bottled, and sold,

And rather a lamentation against the destruction of her carrion.