To 2016-2017
Green Grief

By: Mackenzie Oster

  1. Untitled
    By Ansley Wiederholt
White drapes lay low above the kitchen sink
Delicate Marble floors
With walls salmon pink

The classic country club house
With green screaming from every inch
For this is the life to live
In the eyes of the rich

Money can't buy happiness
She heard it her whole life
But she now sits between the salmon pink walls
In the reason she became his wife

He could provide for her
Fulfilling her every want and need
From designer brands to the very top courses of cuisine

And yet she still mopes under the ceiling of the life she chose
Reminiscing on her freedoms at the age of seventeen
Wishing that she could fall asleep
Only to wake up and realize
 Her life is just a messy dream