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Our Sons at War

By Shva Star

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    By Armando Roche, 10
At war are our sons,
Killing one another with guns,
Surviving by a thread,
Heart, mind, conscience, filled; heavy with lead.
They are guilty of wrong in their head.
They cannot change the past,
Every ship and boat dependent on their mast,
To hold and prepare,
For any unexpected scare,
Nor aware of how they will fair,
But are too late and behind the white mare,
With the rainbow shining they are very aware.
They become automatic – just a machine.
No longer do they have control over their bodies, they are no longer clean.
They take orders “For the people” they slay,
But they are the only ones to truly pay.
Our sons of war may they return home one day,
If not, may their bodies be in our soil to lay.