To 2017-2018

By Ashley Wu

  1. Untitled
    By Sanjana Venkat
Sometimes you don’t get what you want.
As the slow gossamer strands of the moon
gradually interlock with the sun
You think the spirit would swallow you whole
You think the dawn would baptize each bone
Turn your shambled body into a crown of thorns
But instead you have plastic goggles
and reflective metal paper
marmalade sweat eking down your back
parking lots filled with people
waiting waiting waiting
And four seconds of absolute silence
apocalyptic silence
silence so malleable I drown in myself
my teeth rapidly decaying against gums
the ligaments giving way to something else,
torn gums bleeding blue blood against my lips.
then the slow crushing rotation of the world
as it unfurls in all its dull splendor.