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By Avanti Tulpule

  1. Flora Scent
    Flora Scent
    By Eleena Ghosh
say, listen - if you love me
bury me in lavender,
lavender & lilies in the springtime
wrists bound with tendrils of ivy like veins
mother madonna
dead of consumption reduced to candle wax
and a birdcage wrought of rib bones
an ivory coffin of purity.

if you love me call me beautiful,
the same way blood vessels rupture like pomegranate seeds,
the same way my mouth suckles the jaw of eden until we ache
and ache and subside.

if you love me, leave me
in the space between two mirrors facing each other,
the empty infinity of fate.
maybe there i’ll find you,
slotted in the gaps between now & then.