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By Daniela Hernandez

  1. Sky Fire
    Sky Fire
    By Rhonda Dalloul
Celestial bodies descend on her like age,
and honey pours out of their mouth—
their lies are sickly sweet from it.
Flames bursts forth, devouring.
But burnt flesh singes her nostrils,
smoke lodges in her throat,
and screams crash against her like waves.
And the angels tell her to look forward,
but humanity gushes out from her,
like a liquid hourglass broke open.
Watercolor bleeds from her bones,
rendering the scene of a murder.
Her golden rays are drowned in an eclipse-like manner,
light mixing into pools of black,
and her body finds itself entombed.
All there is left is the tinge sea salt with blood,
burning the flesh, grinding itself into every pore.
Lot digs his hands through the pillar of salt,
breathing the essence of what once was his wife.